How to meal plan like a boss

How to meal plan like a boss - Colour me Anna

I am a bit of an over planner. I have an incredible ability to imagine the worst so I am prepared like a girl scout and then, fingers crossed, everything is okay. It can add to my anxiety but mostly, it helps me manage it really well. Now, when I say organised I mean I […]

Colour my life as a draft

Life is a draft - Margaret River with Colour me Anna

My goodness, look at these two. Cousins. Adorable. Smiths Beach, Margaret River 2012. We live too far apart but the kids never miss a beat when they see each other again. The beach in the winter with your cousins makes for a truly perfect day. The Baker took this snap of me. I look happy. […]

Ginger Chicken Udon Soup

Ginger Chicken Udon Soup

  On Monday night I had a big craving for some chicken soup. A gut healing, world changing, nurturing hug of a bowl of chicken soup. I am no chef but I feed six people every night so keeping it super simple is my mantra. I am also no food blogger so I will show […]

How to make a decision when you are anxious

How to make a decision with anxiety

I have always been a strong decision maker. Until I was diagnosed with anxiety I didn’t really understand how fortunate this trait was. When my head got messy the simplest decisions were debilitating and the big ones were impossible. The Baker took over this process for me. He is a freakishly good decision maker so […]

Colour me stocktaking

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude

I’ve just taken a really lovely big break from blogging and I think it is just what my messy head ordered. I do hope you missed me! I most definitely needed some time away from thinking about the blog and worrying about content. No different to taking a holiday except that I see so many people […]

Six ways to beat the blues


There are some days when I can’t get out my funk. Melancholy :: Moody :: Funky {If you think that you have depression and you have not sought medical assistance then I cannot stress enough the importance of doing so. Read this page first and please, seek help to get yourself better.} When depression strikes again I have […]

Colour me content

Colour me content

I’ve always been a competitive person. I love the thrill, the excitement and the challenge. But I don’t love the emotional head fuck. So I’ve decided to try and let some of that shit go. Colour me content. For me it has come down to the crux of why I do the things I do. […]