Inside the grey


It is unsurprising that I am going through a bit of a grey patch. It is nothing serious so please don’t panic. I certainly am not. My current ear + sinus issues are most definitely bugging me. The medium term effects of five courses of antibiotics are going to play with my mental stability. I need to […]

Resting bitch face

Turn that frown upside down

I have come to realise that this head pain of mine has made me one cranky lady. I have worn a permanent scowl for a little while. When I commented to one of my friends about this, she replied, “At least you don’t have a resting bitch face.” I took that as the compliment it was. […]

When it rains it pours

When it rains it pours

It would appear that in my life, I need to do things at an all or nothing pace. Let’s just take the last week shall we? I woke after a giant Halloween weekend with a nasty throat. A day later I was back at the GP with the third middle ear infection since July. That […]

Back to basics

Caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart

Somewhere along the way, I feel like I have gotten lost. When I first started writing to empty my head, my diary was full of unedited, passioned prose that smashed all of my preconceived notions of what it meant to write to a formula. I just let the words spill on to my page and […]


Trick or Treat Sweets

It is no secret around these parts that I love me a bit of spook. Halloween is most definitely a favourite. I don’t care less about the American-ism of it. I say embrace the spook people because, well, FUN! Two years ago I bombed the house in fake cobwebs and wore some pretty rad but […]

Easy Halloween Bunting

Easy Halloween Bunting

Hello, Colour Me Anna readers! Anna has asked me to share a fun Halloween DIY with you and I thought I’d share some spooky bunting that you can make for your home without too much time and effort! Here’s how to make it! What you’ll need: Orange Cardstock – A4. Thicker than printer paper, usually […]

Re-entry is hard

Li River, China

Don’t break out the violins just yet for I am literally whinging about getting back to reality after a massive holiday. I completely understand the boredom of this for those who survived the school holidays under an avalanche of exploding LEGO, snacks on demand and relentless, “Muuuuuum…” I escaped that. I am truly grateful but […]