Six ways to beat the blues


There are some days when I can’t get out my funk. Melancholy :: Moody :: Funky {If you think that you have depression and you have not sought medical assistance then I cannot stress enough the importance of doing so. Read this page first and please, seek help to get yourself better.} When depression strikes again I have […]

Colour me content


I’ve always been a competitive person. I love the thrill, the excitement and the challenge. But I don’t love the emotional head fuck. So I’ve decided to try and let some of that shit go. Colour me content. For me it has come down to the crux of why I do the things I do. […]

Colour me loving simplicity


Image from Pinterest Some weeks are perfectly lovely because they are simple aren’t they? This has been one of those weeks. There has been a bit more sickness in the house. Typical winter stuff. I think there has been a child home each week for the past month. As a friend pointed out, because there are […]

What to do when anxiety visits {again}


From Pinterest Any of you anxious peeps will know that when anxiety comes to visit it is very hard to get things done. Tasks that are normally super easy and short become complicated and drawn out. Decisions take longer to make and your head and your whole being becomes wobbly and noisy. If this is […]

Colour me not ready


Image from Pinterest Lately my head and my heart have been really, really heavy. I feel a little like I am mourning but not in the traditional sense. Right now, my appetite for wanderlust is ravenous and despite pinning beautiful images from all over the world it is still not satisfied. My head is swinging between get-the-kitchen-floor-swept and […]

Colour me loving my life


Today I am having one of those moments where I am just sitting back and enjoying my life. A long weekend will do that to you because how fast does that short week go? Yay! But more importantly, I am loving my simple, happy {busy} life. Earlier this week I mentioned my overwhelm. It has […]

Colour me overwhelmed


I have the overwhelms. It is not a major case of the overwhelms but it is most definitely very present. I have had several crappy nights of sleep which sucks massively because we all know that tiredness + tiredness = anxious Anna. My overwhelm has come on the back of an intense couple of weeks of […]