Coco Whip Recipe

Body Be Well

{This coco whip recipe has been kindly written by Diana at Body Be Well}. When you have a sweet craving but you just can’t cope with the side effects of too much sugar or even dairy, then coconut yoghurt is often a good substitute. But that stuff is expensive so with a tiny bit of […]

4 things I do to stop anxiety screwing with my days

4 things I do to stop anxiety screwing with my days

I am delighted to bring you this guest post from the lovely Kelly Exeter. For my entire life, I’ve been a worrier. And for my entire life I’ve been told {by well-meaning people around me} that I need to “stop worrying so much”. Which to me has always translated to: “this worrying of yours is […]

Colour me in China, doll

Kemps do China

By the time this post goes live, I will be moments away from 80% humidity and cuddles with my family in Hong Kong. Immediately the words from Khe San spring to mind. “Seven flying hours until we’re landing in Hong Kong…” No cheating Chinese Princesses here and the only banging my Hong Kong mattress will be […]

5 ways to keep on top of domestic overwhelm

5 ways to keep on top of domestic overwhelm

I’m delighted to bring you this guest post from my friend and fellow blogger, Vanessa of Style & Shenanigans. It’s no secret that running any household is a busy, time consuming and relentless job. Throw kids into the mix, and the amount of domestic admin rises to a Whole. New. Level. Forms to complete, appointments […]

Twelve easy birthday cake decorations

Birthday Cake Tall Candles

You know how it goes… Your kids’ expectations of their birthdays are up here {I’m pointing really high in the sky} and your skills as a baker are about here {I’m pointing down low}. So you try to make the jelly filled pool from the Women’s Weekly Cookbook and it bellyflops. A little while back I […]

Colour me loving a flatlay


If you follow Colour me Anna on Instagram you’ll have noticed my current obsession with flatlays. These little curated projects are all about fun. And what is life without fun? Are you a fan of the flatlay? Do you like a curated Instagram feed or the special ad hoc realism that many of us subscribe to? […]

4 ways to lose the busy

4 ways to lose the busy

{This is the third and final instalment in a series on how to unbusy yourself. You can read the first post, Busy being busy + the second post, Make the choice to be unbusy.}  So we’re busy yeah? But we wanna be unbusy yeah? Then we made a choice. We chose unbusy. We ditched the […]